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Michael Bungay Stanier’s blog on doing great work is among the best inspirational sources out there. A coach by training and a prolific writer he offers a wealth of ideas, insights as well as interesting referrals to other people, blogs and books. He is also a fervent tweeter worthwhile to follow.

Michael Neill is a world famous business & life coach who has published numerous books and has his own radio show. His blog and newsletter is full of practical information and exercises, many NLP-based, to help you shift perspective. For a small fee you can join his membership self-coaching cafe.

Charlie Badenhop is the developer of Seishindo, a human potential discipline based on the principles of NLP, Self-Relations Therapy and Aikido. Seishindo helps you bridge and integrate the domains of body, emotion, and intellect to access and experience the whole of yourself. Learn from Charlie, an excellent writer and teacher, through his monthly free newsletter or his many articles accessible through the website.

Sign up for your daily dose of free Notes from the Universe. Beats espresso as a mental energy booster., ranked by Google and Yahoo as the number one self improvement and self-growth site on the internet, contains a wealth of self improvement resources. The weekly free self improvement newsletter includes excerpts from classic and new self improvement books from the deeply spiritual to the highly rational. The next best thing to browsing a bookstore.

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