Jacinta, I would like to thank you for your wonderful coaching last Saturday. It was great! You are responding to a person’s need and struggle with sensibility and profound knowledge. The fact that you coach considering the person’s whole background and life story makes also a big difference. I felt I could make a real breakthrough in my career planning last week. Furthermore, the book you gave me was exactly what I needed. I am eager to go on to my next step now. “Let you guide and work with the insights, which are coming to you! that’s what you told me during the last periods of coaching. And you were right! The right thing comes when the time comes. You are a wonderful coach!
D.A., Tokyo

things are going well on this end. i am still at uni, starting year two of the phd program. but working really hard at music stuff, too. as we envisioned during our cicada and cafe des pres sessions, both the music and school side of my life are in full swing. seriously, you were a big part of figuring out this trajectory. for which i am grateful, coach.
Eric Sarmiento, New Jersey, USA

The expat experience can be exhilarating but also quite stressful, particularly in a culturally unique and often overwhelming place like Tokyo. With her extensive experience living and working in Japan, coupled with a deep commitment to connecting with and helping others, Jacinta Hin is uniquely qualified to assist expats in Japan through those especially trying times that we all go through. I began working with Jacinta after I was informed that my company, like so many MNC’s with expats, would be letting me go. The empathy that she brought to our coaching sessions allowed me to communicate with her on a level that I could find with no one else. She was particularly insightful in proposing alternative perspectives to the situation that allowed me to make more informed decisions. Additionally, she introduced me to spiritual resources that have allowed me to handle the internal ramifications in an effective and personally satisfying manner. I would recommend her without reservation.
K. Hutchison, Tokyo, Japan

I would like more people to have the great experience that I had through Jacinta’s coaching! I never thought that I could ever get out of the deep negative spiral I was in. I tried so hard to find the way out, but I didn’t know how. Jacinta helped me find the way and was always there when I needed help. Today I am in a new job I love and extremely happy about my career and life. I never imagined that my life could be this great! Jacinta’s coaching does make a huge difference to your life and career!”
Y.T., Tokyo, Japan

I was in a very special professional and personal situation when I was introduced to Jacinta in 2006. Strong enough to see my situation, yet I felt emotionally caged being in a very difficult transitional period of my life. I was afraid that I could no longer realize my professional and personal life dream in Japan. But already during the first meeting with Jacinta, I felt this power of setting up my mind in a positive way. During following meetings with her I could feel that the situation I was in was a chance and that if I wanted to change my life I had to give birth to a new chapter, a process which can be obviously also be very painful, but has lead me to full happiness by following my heart. Jacinta is a very professional, calm, and warmhearted coach, who can feel the situation and point it out by questioning like an arrow hitting the bull s eye – very clearly. She helped me find a structure in a much unstructured life situation and to go forward in the right direction. I am now working in a Japanese company and my personal life is getting very stable and beautiful. I can highly recommend her from the bottom of my heart.
Anonymous, Tokyo, Japan

As a coach Jacinta is enormously involved. I had hit bottom in my work and needed somebody to take a close look at my career. Jacinta was professional, reliable and overall inspirational. She listens, analyses, and asks honest and direct questions. I could talk with her about my insecurities, my dreams, my life questions. The result of two months of coaching: I have found new focus, am full of ideas and regained my self-confidence. The future looks beautiful!
M.B., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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