What is coaching?

Coaching is a support structure helping individuals through their transitions and change processes to create and realize a more authentic and powerful way of living and working.

Coaching differs from therapy or counseling by being firmly rooted in the present and being future-oriented. Coaching also differs by seeing the client as fully-functioning and without faults or defects. The coaching approach is to see the client as a whole and unique being going through natural transitions and changes. A coach does not aim to ‘fix’ anything and does not specifically look at the ‘whys’? (although clients might enjoy greater clarity in the process), or try to solve things in the past (although will not hesitate to help the client to understand how the past is playing a role in a current reality).

JacintaHinCoaching furthermore differs from consulting or advising by being focused on self-empowerment. A coach does not tell an individual what to do, but guides them to tap into their own inner resources and to find their own answers.

Though sometimes confrontational and hard work, the coaching process is liberating, energizing and will help the client to move to a new level of authentic and full living, performing and achieving. Added to which, coaching is fun!

What is a coach?

A coach supports an individual to prepare for and make changes: changes for a better or more real life, a higher plan, increased performance, a new career. A coach helps their client to become more self-aware, to see themselves and their reality from new perspectives, to get clarity on what is most important and true for then, to find new possibilities, to make decisions, act on those decisions, and create new and exciting realities.

A coach helps their client discover what is preventing them from moving forwards, to free themselves from limiting beliefs, habits and thought patterns and create new, more empowering ways to live.

In other words, a coach helps their client to expand their world and options, to move from limitation to possibility, from settling for second best to reaching their full potential, from repeating and staying in the known to exploring and creating the new.

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