Posted by Jacinta Hin on February 15, 2010

When you’re unsure what to do, you can delay making a choice and just explore your options a little deeper.

Or you can accept that any decision has a degree of uncertainty, make your choice and adjust as you go.

You can also zoom in on your doubts and look to see if they’re justified.

Recalling that each option may lead to different outcomes.

We often slip through events seemingly by accident; oblivious of the consequences, unaware we actually had a choice.

We are inclined to take the road most traveled. Some people will linger around doubt as if it were a comforting companion, while others tend to jump into action without giving it a second thought.

Maybe they’d be better off by changing course once in a while.

Begin with awareness. Stand still and ask yourself:

“What choices do I have here?”

Practice with smaller stuff and just be bold and brave enough to try a different approach.

That can mean getting out of the logical, debating mind, if that is where your decisions are usually made, and tap into your gut feeling. (And vice versa, if making intuitive choices is your normal mode.)

When we make different choices, we open ourselves up to new experiences. These can lead to new insights and new conclusions and what had seemed impossible sometimes becomes possible.

In short, when we become master apprentices to choice, we elect to begin expanding our world and our lives.


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