The Trouble With Goals

Posted by Jacinta Hin on February 7, 2010

Many of us are pretty good in setting goals but falter when following through. We begin with the best of intentions but along the way somehow focus is lost and we eventually give up.

Here are some of the common reasons we get stuck and confused with implementing goals.

We forget. Daily life and default habits take over and our goals drop off the horizon.

There’no plan. Somehow we “trust” that our goals will actualize without our participation.

Poor execution. A lack of discipline has us postpone taking action. Tomorrow always seems a better day to start.

The rewards are just not big enough. The effort required outweighs the results to be gained.

We don’t believe we can make it. Unconsciously we believe in or are committed to something else.

No Context. Our goals don’t serve a bigger purpose and are unaligned with our deepest desires and values. We lack foundation and are unclear on what we want to accomplish longer-term.

We’re climbing the wrong mountain. We’ve chosen the wrong goals. Even if we get there nothing really will change for us.

We’re applying someone else’s off-the-shelf strategy that does not fit us.

Rigid Attitude. We are inflexible and never review where we are. We don’t explore our experiences and refuse to listen to our inner voice and miss the opportunity to make adjustments.

If you’re off track with your goals take some time and delve into what’s really going on. Find the bigger picture behind your goals and consider replacing them with more inspirational ones. Then start to create a fault-proof plan that also has plenty of reflective moments.

Above all, don’t give up! Just rewire and reroute, and keep on going.


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