A Day at a Time

Posted by Jacinta Hin on November 9, 2009

How would you like to begin seeing challenges and creating change as manageable, step-by-step processes?

This is what I do to help my coaching clients move from overwhelm into overview, so that they learn to focus on what’ possible now. This way they also start to trust that whatever they do today can open the door to new ideas, events and possibilities. Simply put, it means that the answers to their toughest questions and the realization of their big dreams will emerge one step at a time.

Naturally, in my own life the Universe sometimes throws me into situations where I need to apply similar principles.

For example, a while back ago I found a badly wounded street kitten near my house. I brought her to the hospital where I learned that one of her legs was broken, her spine was damaged and that she probably has the feline version of HIV (FIV). Not only did she need an operation, the doctors were also unsure if she could develop properly, while she might also be at risk of full-blown feline aids.

I already have two adult cats at home that both have rather sensitive characters. We would therefore need to keep the kitten separate for months to ensure her recovery and confirm about her FIV. On top of all this, major renovations to my home were about to start.

My first reaction was to rescue the kitten, which I did.

And my second one, after she was in the safe and capable hands of the vet, was panic. How was I going to take care of her without my other cats knowing? And could we ever have the three of them live together? Would my other cats be mentally damaged? Could the kitten even have a quality life?

When I realized these questions were only making me feel overwhelmed and stuck, I told myself to look at the situation one day at a time and trust that the right outcome would come my way.

In doing so I also allowed myself to look at the bigger meaning of why this little precious life dropped into mine. What was behind the disturbance and the forced re-organization of my daily routine?

Now, many weeks later, she is doing great. Despite a rather complex operation and missing a bone in one of her legs, she has regained full control of her body functions and is growing, running and jumping like any normal kitten.

We also managed to keep her separate from my other cats. Amazingly, she’s lived in three different houses, not counting the weeks in hospital, and has learned to adapt instantly to new environments. She’s very social and loves anyone who gives her attention. My other cats have had a tough time but have shown resilience I did not know they had.

As for myself, I’ve learned to trust that all will be well if I accept what happens to me rather than resist it. It’s as if by looking at the events in our lives with trust and curiosity we somehow allow solutions to flow our way.

Throughout the episode I surprised myself by being very practical and organized – not previously my best virtues.

And I completed some valuable introspective work on the bigger meaning of this event in my own life.

I still have decisions to make about the kitten’s future, and will handle these with the same mix of trust and wisdom that have served me well up to now.


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