Soul Eyes

Posted by Jacinta Hin on August 25, 2009

Are you looking at life through the ego’s eyes or those of your soul? Don’t be surprised when your experiences and perspectives change depending on the view chosen.

The ego is needy and rarely satisfied, always thirsty for more of those short-term highs. It’s often bossy, judgmental and wants you to take an opinionated stance.

Its restlessness and finger-pointing tendencies can keep you stuck in turmoil and dilute your experience of things as they really are.

But when observing with soulful-eyes, your experiences change and take on a peaceful and permanent nature.

The soul doesn’t judge experiences because its very purpose is to seek them out.

The soul doesn’t intellectualize experiences. It lets you feel them. If you pay attention you will notice it guides you towards actions and behaviors more aligned with your true nature.

The soul is always with you in the present. Returning you to the past or projecting you into the future are not what the soul is about. Rather, these are techniques the ego employs to attach emotions such as blame, guilt and fear to your current experiences.

For instance, when someone is grateful for the help you freely gave, you’ll naturally feel good about this.

However, when your ego is in the driving seat of this experience you might feel a certain satisfaction and sense of purpose from being so needed and acknowledged. You might even feel somewhat happy about the person’s need to which you so admirably responded.

Yet these feelings are mere sensations of the fleeting moments they arise in. Soon you’ll be looking for more or perhaps will just lose interest. You might even flail about in a spiral of confusing feelings. You might be resentful that you weren’t properly rewarded or publicly acknowledged. Perversely, you might now be shackled by a sense of duty to continue giving despite your desire to stop.

From a soulful perspective, this experience will have you simply feeling good about giving and enjoying the bliss that comes with the act itself. Gratitude will surface without the ego’s judgmental and distrustful insecurities.

There is no focus on anything else but the fact you acted on your ability to give and receive. There’s no need for you to get anything back in return, no need for others to respond in a certain way.

And since the experience was unconditional, devoid of the ego’s need-based emotions, the happiness you felt will be everlasting, continuing from one present moment to the next.

Happiness then, is no longer the result of your actions, but a state of your being.


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  1. Peter August 25, 2009 7:14 am

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

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