Practical Matters

Posted by Jacinta Hin on November 28, 2006

Two days ago I declared to my husband that I absolutely dislike anything practical. I lashed out in a 5 minutes monologue listing all the practical things I hate having to deal with. It amused him and was liberating for me. He knows me quite well and nothing was new. I struggle when it comes to practical matters.

My keywords are freedom, flexibility, adaptability, availability, spontaneity. I am a freeflower and live in the moment.

I am also grounded, building up a coaching business, and have clients who are counting on me. I like to be independent and pay my own bills. I love buying books and signing up for coaching related workshops and courses without thinking about the costs. I enjoy my social life that comes with a (modest) price-tag.

I believe both sides can co-exist……as long as I provide the structure to support that.

The key is in managing the practical matters of my life.

Extend my visa, renew my passport, pay the phone bill, do the dishes, get through the to-do list, do the dreaded phone-call. Arrange a weekly schedule that allows for down-time, plan overseas travel at least two months in advance when tickets are cheaper, arrange for the environment, help and tools that will support my work and personal development.

Hope without power is no match to fear with power.
Choice is our greatest power.

Wise words I read today (Caroline Myss) while waiting at the Japanese immigration office to apply for my visa extension.

I can hope one day I will become more practical……or fear I will be struggling for the rest of my life.

Or I can choose to create the structure to facilitate the practical matters so that my life can be focused around what is really important to me.

At the immigration office you can only surrender and comply with the rules. There is no space for flexibility and adaptability. The only question is if you’ve filled in the forms correctly and have all the required documents with you.

It felt good…..not to resist. Just taking care of business. Nothing more and nothing less.

Tomorrow, for starters, bills, dry-cleaning and cleaning the cat’s toilet. And who knows what else I will be inspired to take care of.


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  1. Jamie Iomo December 8, 2010 12:14 pm


    Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

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