Praise for the Positivity Blog

Posted by Jacinta Hin on July 29, 2009

I read a lot of blogs and newsletters on self-improvement and self-discovery.  I follow famous professionals I admire, people I know personally, and a few life-coach and self-development enthusiasts who also happen to be insightful writers.

On busy days I just glance through or even delete the lot without reading any, knowing tomorrow will bring me more wise words, thoughts and ideas.

But there’s one blog whose updates I seldom skip and savour like a glass of good white wine or a piece of the best chocolate cake in town.

Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog manages to instantly shake me out of my conditioned mind and into new inspiration, whereas I’ll often put the gurus’ wisdom aside for later contemplation.

Henrik’s blog is visually attractive and well written.

Yet what makes Henrik a winner for me is his genuineness.  He writes from the heart of experience and isn’t trying to sell me anything or seduce me with his wit and wisdom. But he also doesn’t hold pack from hitting a psychological nerve or two – or from pointing out how easily we fool ourselves.

In his own words, he’s a self-development enthusiast simply blogging about what he’s discovered so far, in the hope we can use some of it. Henrik’s only 28 years old, but is already putting it all together.

Through his writing he speaks to us self-developers with a passion. There’s no hidden agenda, no other purpose than his hope and desire to bring us something that can help make our lives a little better and keep us moving forward in our own life journeys.

His blog is actually three-in-one: a how-to-do-it manual, a resource of time-tested self-discovery references, and a personal journey.

In a world jaded by information and marketing overload, I find Henrik’s inspirational blogging style and message is refreshingly welcome.


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