The Flow of Stress

Posted by Jacinta Hin on April 3, 2009

Sometimes I slip on banana skins of anxiety and stay down for a while, unable to get back on my feet. I go for walks, consult trusted sources of wisdom, even eat the right food; but am unable to snap out of it.

It’s a profound and painful state that finds me always unprepared.

I can choose to struggle with this anxiety daemon and grope for an escape route, or I can try to understand why stress has paid a visit and listen to what it has to say.

Stress, when experienced in this manner, becomes an opportunity for reflection.

When my attention shifts from that whirlpool of unpleasant feelings to the flow of embedded messages, I’m regaining some control and a bit of relief, just enough to begin hearing what’s said.

And since my frame of mind is not ready to offer up a useful contribution, I stay silent and refrain from participating in internal dialogue. I simply listen to that wise voice within.

This wise voice delivers her message without ever battling the self-blaming and finger-pointing me I know so well.

In the absence of resistance we become a team and focus on what can be done.

And with a few deep breaths ideas surface, intentions are set and a sense of calm returns.

Stress seeps out, while gratitude warms my heart.


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