Owning our Truths

Posted by Jacinta Hin on September 25, 2008

The truth always supports you, my teacher says. I let his words sink in, and realize how true they are and relevant for my current state of mind.

Then why are we often so frightened of the truth?

We tend to see the truth as some form of judgment, sentencing us to make changes we might not want or believe we are able to make. We also tend to think the truth is something absolute and permanent, something we cannot escape and will need to live with for the rest of our lives.

These thoughts scare us and we stay stuck in this fear, closing our ears and our hearts. Moreover, the truth hurts is a message we have come to believe in.

When the truth is brought to us via other people we frequently only hear criticism and accusations pointing to our weaknesses and shortcomings. When it comes from within we might not trust what we hear.

Yet when we open up to the idea of truth as a source of support and compassion, we can see that truth is unconditional. It does not judge, it simply is. We start to see the opportunities it can bring us. We begin to see its many facets: a toolkit for growth, a loving parent, a foundation from which to exist.

The first step in changing our relationship with truth is then to trust its supportive nature.

And perhaps a second step is to see truth as an innate part of ourselves, not as some grandiose big Truth that is imposed on us from above. Truth is nothing more and nothing less than the whole of who we are.

It is from here we can switch our focus from fear to curiosity about our truths and making them our own again.


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