The Purpose of Pain

Posted by Jacinta Hin on July 15, 2008

When I am in pain I know I am experiencing the coming together of emotions of the past, present and future. A blast taking place in a split second.

Often pain visits me when I least expect it and tends to stay for a while. A happy quest feasting shamelessly on a banquet of fear, guilt and self-pity.

I know my visitor is actually a gift; coincidence conspiring to bring me something I need.

Recently I have understood that better; the purpose of pain. I know it is not there as a sign of my inadequacy.

Understanding it intellectually helps me to create distance from the whirlpool of feelings and move beyond it. In doing so I can often see what is causing the pain. I can then put things in perspective and let go.

Still, this is an exercise of the mind.

When I have more courage, I sit with my pain with empathy and sheer acceptance until I feel myself sinking into a field of untapped potential and promise. Pain than changes into something beneficial and fulfilling.

Whichever way I choose, I learn and expand.

But when I leave pain unattended and in free reign it damages me. Therefore, even if sometimes it is easier or even more appealing to let the pain just be, I make a conscious effort to face and work with it in whatever way seems appropriate at the time.


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  1. Jessica July 23, 2008 5:16 am

    This is amazing. I am 22 and going through a really hard time in my life in Tokyo right now, and this whole thing, is EXACTLY what I was picking up the other day. I am experiencing pain, and it hurts REALLY bad, but it is showing me that this job is definitely not for me, and that I need to really look at my talents and take myself, Jessica, more seriously. I need to appreciate myself as the human being I was born as. Right now, I am alone and personally being alone is a very vulnurable time for me. Here, the pain sets in, but it is making me look at my situation face-to-face. I can’t run to my friends and let this disappear from my consciousness, because they aren’t here. I have to face this an move on.

    I really want to have an appointment with you, actually. Now if I could just find out how to schedule one? (laugh)

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