Posted by Jacinta Hin on September 26, 2007

I have to make an important decision and am at a loss as to which way to go. Every time I work through it logically and systematically I come to different conclusions. All scenarios have pros and cons, and depending on what perspective I take each outcome makes total sense.

When I put this decision against the larger scheme of things it does not really matter what I decide: either way, I believe, will eventually lead to the realization of my bigger goals.

But when I look at what is best for me right now I am unsure.

I know that I want to enjoy whatever it is I do. I don’t want to struggle or sacrifice. I want to move forward, expand and grow in a way that feels natural and to be fully engaged in the journey towards whatever is ahead of me.

The decision itself is a journey. It forces me to look at who I am and at what is important to me. I am investigating and gathering information.

So that is where I am right now, traveling towards the answers. And while I am on the road, I am already changing. The decision at hand is no longer the goal, but merely a checkpoint to keep me going.


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  1. Sherry in Shanghai October 12, 2007 8:01 am


    I like your metaphor that the decision is merely a checkpoint. As I read your blog entry, I was struck by the through that different perspectives gave different conclusions; all done logically and systematically. I just kept wondering what part of your “heart” you were leaving out in the “head” analysis. Have you found it yet on your journey?

  2. Jacinta Hin October 15, 2007 8:28 am

    I think I was letting my head decide what part of the heart to use and what part to ignore. A half-hearted conclusion as a result which satisfied neither the head nor the heart. In the end, I gave up on the pro/con rational approach and let my feelings, my heart’s representatives, guide me toward a decision that feels good. Heart is happy and head is silent.

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