Embrace Transition

Posted by info on March 1, 2012

A Facebook site dedicated to change and transformation in Japan after the 3/11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

Embrace Transition (eTransition) is a movement dedicated to the transitional crossroads in our lives and the role these play in our growth and development. For now our focus is on Japan and its inhabitants who were swept into a state of transition by the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami of 3/11

Embrace Transition’s purpose right now is to be a place for people inside and outside of Japan to connect and share stories and observations. We invite you to explore what has shifted for you post 3/11 and how this is impacting your outlook on life, your choices and decisions. What feels different and has changed for you? What is changing around you? We also invite you to share your vision for Japan. What road(s) should it take to rebuild this beautiful country? And what role should each of us play in this?

Throughout life we move from one phase and one state of being to another. The difference is called change; the road in between, transition. Transitions are connection points, in-between periods in which we are changing but have not fully changed yet. Transitions are sacred spaces we should embrace wholeheartedly. These are periods in which we have the opportunity to reinvent and refresh ourselves. Periods of self-reflection and preparing for change. By nature, a transition is chaotic, confusing and often deeply challenging as it throws us into the unknown and forces us to make new choices. It tells us that old paradigms no longer work and that we must come up with new ones. Transitions wake us up. They summon us to look at ourselves with critical eyes, to explore who we are and how we want to live.

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