Bittersweet Distractions

Posted by Jacinta Hin on June 1, 2007

“So what is holding you back” my coach asked me. “Fear and self-doubt” I wanted to reply, reluctant to confess the less glamorous truth.

Over the past few days I could have worked out my goals for the coming months, finished an article and started on a coaching program I plan to develop.

Instead I spent considerable time searching the net for a funky ring tone for my mobile phone, dedicated an entire morning looking for coffee caps for our new Nespresso machine and managed to see episodes of a popular TV show I got hooked on.

This is not counting the numerous small daily distractions like checking emails the moment they come in, Skype-chats and reading new rss feeds.

Added all up that is at least a day and half of lost time.

Distractions are always a kind of a lure. A bit of distraction is healthy, and unexpected distractions can bring new experiences and ideas, but too much can be disturbing. Some distractions are actually addictions in disguise or a means of avoiding something.

How do we distinguish between the good, the innocent and the more harmful ones? How do we know when to give in and when not to?

A quick review of the distraction patterns in my past week teaches me that a lot was about habit and some about avoidance.

I figure that if I reduce the distractions in my life by as little as 20% or so, I will probably be able to get going on my goals and finish that article by the end of next week.

Anything more will be a bonus.


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