Live in Tokyo Continued – A Beautiful Day

Posted by Jacinta Hin on March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, Tokyo

I wake up this morning, late, to a beautiful spring day. The first thing I notice is that my heart’s beating at its normal pace again. It probably has for a few days now, but it’s only today I’m really aware of it. If my heart is calm, I must be okay. My heart is a good indicator of things.

Next I realize I slept 10 hours straight without waking up. First time in a week. An hour on my spike mat had relaxed my body enough for mind to allow long, deep and healing sleep. A two-hour kickbox workout with Johnny Oliveira on Saturday also helped.

I check news, twitter, facebook, email. Standard first-thing-in-the-morning routine nowadays. Some encouraging news around the Fukushima Plant. Stories of grass-root organized food convoys reaching people in the Northeast. A wave of gratitude sweeps through me.

I make coffee, open the windows (first time in days), brief in fresh Tokyo air, and ask myself what I can do today to help, realizing millions of people in and outside Japan must be asking themselves the same question.

At some point the earth shakes again. Or is it me? A quick check of my earthquake twitter stream tells me I’m not making things up. We cannot always tell these days if what we feel is real or the body reliving a memory. More importantly, different from other days, this shake doesn’t scare me. I don’t jump up. I even continue typing the email I’m working on. Sanity has returned.

In the afternoon I go to the Dutch embassy to pick something up. More an excuse to see if my embassy friend Gertie is around. I know she has worked around the clock this week and have not spoken to her yet. Gertie is there and so are other people I know. I’m happy to see how relaxed everybody is. Nobody who tells me I should leave Tokyo. I realize they had a tough week too, did what they had to do. It’s really good to see them.

Home again. My house is a mess, so back to the mundane. Cleaning dishes, do the laundry, fold piles of clothes lying everywhere, put things back where they belong. When I start vacuum-cleaning, I comfort myself with the thought I probably saved a little electricity by not vacuum-cleaning in a week.

I ponder again what I can do to help. How can I make a difference? How can I make what I have to offer available?

Today I can bring supplies to drop-off points for immediate delivery to the evacuation camps and shelters in the Northeast. I can give blood. I can donate money and encourage my family and friends overseas to do the same, giving them ideas on how to best do this. I can continue reassuring them we are really fine and in no danger in Tokyo. I can vacuum-clean once a week and safe a little energy that way. I can write. I can take care of myself, making sure I exercise, eat well and sleep enough, so I’m strong, mentally alert, and able to make good decisions and be engaged in a positive and contributing manner with what is going on in Japan.

Tomorrow there are other things I can do. As, for sure, there will a lot to do for a very long time.


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