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Posted by Jacinta Hin on May 25, 2007

“Wherever you look, that is where you go” says my windsurf buddy Pieter. He is explaining a new technique to me he just tried out which resolves around mastering this windsurf basic.

A nice metaphor for life. Staring out over the ocean, I wonder in what direction I am looking and realize I am not so sure. Time to refocus my course.

We are always going somewhere. If you only look at your TGIFs*, that is where you will end up, week after week. If you have a clear vision of where you one day would like to be, that is probably where you are heading. Where you go all depends on the direction you set.

In windsurfing we always look at a point in the far distance. That is how we balance and navigate. We are not concerned about actually getting there. Our attention is fully in the moment, engaging all of our techniques and body reflexes.

Of course as a beginning windsurfer I frequently lose my focus point. The moment that happens I get confused, lose confidence and start to struggle. I fall, I drift away. I end up miles off track.

My life is no different. I frequently lose sight of the bigger picture. I look back, left and right and that is where I end up being. Pretty much all over the place.

I realize that losing focus is not a big deal. Life is not a straight line. Getting off course is normal.

Just like I always get back on my board and find my far distance point again, I merely need to remind myself of where I want to go and simply look in that direction.

* thank-god-it’s-Friday


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  1. kome May 31, 2007 6:28 am

    Mr. P is a great guy. :-)
    I am sure he will be a great windsurfer soon, so is you Jachinta-san!

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