3 Ways To Kick Yourself Free From A Sandboxed Life

Posted by Jacinta Hin on February 22, 2011

Many people exercise regularly because it’s good for physical and mental health.

And, as any good coach knows, there are also valuable life lessons and positive habits to be learned from working out.

Here are three of mine from my recent workout of choice, kickboxing.

1) Always return to base. With this phrase, my trainer summons me back to my start position. After each kick or punch I must return to base before moving to the next. From my base position I’m strong and stable. Outside of it, I lose balance and alignment and my kicks end up in thin air, while punches become feeble and misdirected.

Applying this base metaphor to life, being firmly anchored in our core self helps us make targeted decisions and live from a position of inner strength. However, when we abandon this “basecamp of the Self”, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important and get lost in activities that go against our nature. Left unchecked, this behavior tends to weaken our actions toward life goals and desires.

2) Go for it. These words are my trainer’s signal to completely let go of any hesitation and shyness, and unleash my innate power. Per his command I switch off the thinking mind and yield all control to instinct, trusting that my body will know what to do.

In life we often stop ourselves in just going for what we want. We let uncontested beliefs, fear of failure and embarrassment, and inappropriate advice from others get in our way. Wouldn’t it be better to turn off that internal and external chatter and listen to the wisdom of our intuitive voice? And then just go for what it tells us?

3) Train like a champion. Although I box for fitness reasons and not to be the next Muhammad Ali, I train as if I’m preparing for my ring debut. My trainer and I dream big and have fun. Proper fight techniques and a professional regime of three minutes boxing rounds have my mind believe I’m ‘in training’, and not working out. I often imagine myself in the ring, looking at my opponent with bullish eyes and a killer intention to win. This invigorates my boxing and helps me stay motivated.

Our imagination is one of the most powerful, yet underused tools, we have at our disposal. When allowed to run freely, it knows no limitations. We can be anybody and experience anything we want. Imagination is pure creative energy. In its safety we can conjure amazing life plans and play out our bigger games. These, in turn, give birth to ideas, insights, inspiration, motivation and so on. Believers in the Law Of Attraction will tell you that visualizing your desires, by using pure imagination without judgment, will get you into a place of attracting into your life that what you want.

There are other lessons I learn from my classes e.g. balance, alignment, the importance of intervals, the inspired presence of my trainer…Of course, everything we experience contains life lessons. But there’s a special quality to those that come from something we do repeatedly, like a sport or exercise.

I encourage you to explore this for yourself, looking at whatever regular physical activity is appropriate for you.

P.S. if you live in Tokyo and are interested in kickbox fitness lessons, contact my trainer Johnny Oliveira. Johnny is a professional kickboxer and a fantastic trainer.


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