Guiding Perspective

Posted by Jacinta Hin on February 9, 2011

Do you ever feel as if you’re just running around, lacking a clear sense of direction, and just reacting to circumstances rather than creating them?

I used to live like that. Until I slowly lost my way, and realized my life needed a new context. Looking back, I can see what was missing. I was going from one experience to another but without any foundation to live from.

Through self-quest and inspiration from others, I eventually discovered what I call my guiding perspective. This is a basic outlook on life that helps me understand and accept things as they come my way.

Nowadays, I see circumstances as destiny; meant to happen because either the Universe or something I did, felt or thought, put it in motion. This is what gives me a choice in any given moment. I can reflect on an inherent learning lesson, act on the opportunity an event might be bringing, or simply accept reality for what it is.

This is working well for me. I feel more at peace and present in the current moment. Working with what life brings, rather than longing for what it doesn’t, enables me to accept and create my own circumstances. This belief supports me in detaching from fixed outcomes, and letting go of whatever was not meant to be mine.,

For you, dear reader, another perspective might work better.

One of my friends, for instance, looks at life as flowing between chaos and balance. He is comfortable and inventive with chaos, because he knows he will always get back in balance.

Another friend approaches anything with a positive attitude. She builds on what is good in her life, and dismisses all that–is-not as being unimportant in the bigger scheme of things.

Of course, having a guiding outlook does not mean life suddenly becomes perfect. I continue to experience moments of confusion and resistance and I definitely don’t remain in a state of bliss and gratitude all the time.Neither do I like everything that life presents me with.

However, I always return to that foundational view of reality. As a result, I’m now much happier and more purposeful than I used to be, and relatively stress-free.

And I feel guided.

It’s this sense of benevolent guidance that really marks the difference between running around in a tizzy versus being en-route. The thrill of creating life on the go by staying close to my true self is an adventure I heartily recommend


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