Moving Beyond Desperation

Posted by Jacinta Hin on January 28, 2011

Have you ever felt desperate? Desperate about your life and a future that remains tantalizingly out of reach.

These feelings often come from a disempowering outlook on our situation and sense of identity. There’s often a sense that things are happening to us, outside of our control.

We might even feel as if we’re living and behaving outside of ourselves, cut off from a core self, abandoned by our very own soul. Sometimes we’re running around looking for a career, a partner or a lifestyle because we believe these will open the gates to bliss and success, but feel we are running out of time and options.

Yet when we shift to a self-perspective that is supportive and inspiring, one that invites Soul back into our lives, the veils of gloom and doom will begin to lift.

We begin to see that seemingly conflicting elements in our life come from the same source and all contribute to the uniqueness of our being.

No longer do we compare ourselves against others who seem to be luckier in life.

We stop trying to fit in and turn inwards, to explore who we actually are.

And before we know it basecamp’s set up at our innermost core. From here, we start to see what else is out there, opening up to new possibilities and new ways of expressing our authentic self.

Desperation makes room for hope and trust, which in turn give birth to courage. This is the courage that helps steer us in the right direction.

The end result’s that we make choice and act on them – authentic choices aligned with who we really are.


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