From Goals to Vision

Posted by Jacinta Hin on December 13, 2010

In just a few weeks from now millions of people around the world will write down their goals for 2011. Alas, by the end of January many of those goals will be forgotten or put on indefinite hold.

Which raises the question of why we bother in the first place? Why not just flow from year to year, from moment to moment?

What is it about goals, New Year resolutions and other good intentions, that we keep making and breaking them?

I’ve struggled with these questions for a long time and over the years I’ve made dozens of goals but acted on very few. I’ve floated back and forwards between being a fanatical goal setter and advocating the art of goalless living, unable to make up my mind as to which was best.

Until I hit upon this very simple truth that solved the dilemma for me.

Goals help me get on my path. But once on my path I can let them go because they take on a visionary hue.

And this realization brought me to another truth.

Goals need to come from that very same vision to be sustainable. They need to come from our inner depths, be voiced by our soul and hold the promise of making a real difference. Finally, the result of achieving our goals must be worth the effort.

And because achieving goals requires a lot of work we need our vision to be with us at all times. If the vision is clear we can deal with the hardships. We can have discipline, and face our demons and distractions.

For example, we’ll be able to wake up everyday at 6am in the middle of winter and expose our out-of-shape bodies to the torture of a run in the cold morning air. We can choose to decline tempting dinner invitations and instead spend night after night in solitude, working on our writing projects.

The bigger the contrast between the desired goal and our current reality, the more we need to be acting from vision. This bigger picture helps us stay motivated and inspired. And by taking short peaks into our future, it’s as if we’re already living there. The vision becomes our driving force.

And before we know it we’re no longer working on our goals but actually living our vision.

So, this year before you dot down your usual New Year’s goals, dig a little deeper and spend your precious time on figuring out a bigger game. Let your goals flow from there.


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