Soul Watching

Posted by Jacinta Hin on November 11, 2010

See through the personality and into people’s souls – Jason Nelson

Have you every felt someone was able to see you for who you truly are? As if they could see right through the many layers of conditioning and the self-image you’ve carefully created and are projecting to the outside world?

How did that feel?

How would it be if you had the same abilities?

How would it be if everyone could do it?

Imagine what soul to soul communication might be like. I think we’d be able to see each other’s essential self, freed of the chatter and pretence, because there’d be nothing to hide and nothing to fear or be ashamed about.

When we look at someone we mostly see just a fraction of the whole person. We see their personality, or rather our version of it. We see what we like and what we don’t like, based on our own agendas and perspectives. But do we ever sit down and ask ourselves: “What are they really saying? Who is this person beneath the hood?”

Here are some tips to help you practice looking past the personality’s surface layers.

1. When in conversation with someone, stop looking for what you want to hear. Instead, turn of your internal dialogue and listen deeply. Be fully focused on the other person, with an open mind, without judgment, without filtering.

2. Be curious, especially about people you often deal with. Who are they at their core? What drives and motivates them? What is it they’re after?

3. See beyond what is between the two of you, beyond the personal connection you have created. Look at this person with fresh, neutral eyes. Deepen the way you communicate. Make more time. Give and ask for feedback.

4. Be prepared to accept the wholeness of a person. That includes what you both like and dislike about them. Look for the underlying connectivity between their lighter and darker sides.

In short, look at someone with genuine interest in their deeper stories and true colors. Likely a whole new person will emerge.


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  1. Atz November 11, 2010 1:44 pm

    Its so true. When I encounter some difficult person,,,I try to listen and see with the ‘inner eyes and ears”,,,then their harsh words sometimes turns into “ok” words,,,then I can feel the compassion grow.

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