Opening Up To Change

Posted by Jacinta Hin on July 8, 2010

We’re always looking for change while at the same time fearing and resenting that it might come to pass.

We dream of a different life, yet the thought of leaving our familiar nest fills us with terror. We think about the things we want, but immediately dismiss such thoughts as unrealistic and impossible to have.

Even when our heart cries out for something new, we hold on to the status quo for as long as we can. Only when we begin to break down, are we finally prepared to take a first step out of misery.

The perspective we choose to take about this dilemma may determine not only how we see our situation but also strongly influence how we might change things.

The question as to why we’re so conflicted when it comes to change, albeit an interesting one, does not necessarily help us narrow the gap between longing and purposeful action. Of course, it’s useful to dig into the reasons for our current impasse, but we could also very well be making up stories and settle for a rational justification of our behavior and current reality.

If we ask ourselves how we can change despite our feelings about it, we’re at least signaling willingness to get into action. We’re also getting into a more creative state – and creativity’s a state which loves to express itself through action. The danger here is that, when the ideas don’t come or are too ambitious, we can easily get stuck in ‘don’t know how’ and give up.

A more effective change management approach is to simply accept the fact we have this conflict and will probably always have it. With acceptance we start to release our negative feelings and beliefs about something. This can bring us to a more neutral place from where new choices await our selection.

In this realm we’re no longer in the tight grip of fear and resistance, and have the time and space to turn our attention to change itself.

Once on that path of self-acceptance, we may learn to trust the validity of our desires and the supportive messages from our dreams.

From here we can step onto our path of change, one step at a time.


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