Mission Impossible

Posted by Jacinta Hin on April 13, 2007

Today I accompanied my friend to the tax office for his corporate tax filing. In our mind this was going to be a mission impossible, a task that really needed to be outsourced to experts. Over 50 pages of documents the tax office had sent in advance did not reduce the feeling that we were out of our league and sure to be in big trouble. Efforts to find an available accountant had failed and in the past weeks the word “tax” had become so loaded that the sheer mention of it was enough to give us stabs of panic.

We had reserved the whole day anticipating hours of long lines and other hurdles.

We found ourselves in a near-empty office with extremely friendly tax office people explaining and filling everything in for us. The whole thing came down to a couple of simple calculations.

In other words, weeks of agony for nothing.

How often do we do this to ourselves. Instead of tackling uncomfortable tasks quickly, we delay acting on them. As a result they grow in significance and our stamina to deal with them diminishes the longer we wait.

Or we become impractical and make things more complex than they really are.

Why, I wonder, are we such masters of procrastination and complication? Why don’t we just act and do and move on?

Today I learned again that doom is all in the mind. And that there is always a solution, and often it is a simple one. And that getting something heavy of your plate is hugely liberating.

My friend is sorted out for now. Me, I think I am ready to tackle something of my own plate.


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