Self Connection

Posted by Jacinta Hin on June 16, 2010

A daily and deep connection with the inner self is essential to our (well)being.

Ironically, we often only begin to understand this self-connection after it’s been broken, abandoned or ignored and we find our zest for life has weakened, or we become depressed about everything in general and nothing in particular.

We might enter long periods of being dissatisfied and underachieving, endangering our careers and relationships. Or, in a less dramatic fashion, we could just be bored and uninspired, going through the days without purpose or passion.

Ultimately we need to address what’s going on and take action to become more fully involved with life again.

And the sooner we accept the validity of that self-longing, the sooner our journey back home can begin.

How we do that is by walking a path uniquely our own. There’s no fool-proof guide or a guaranteed method that works for all. Just follow your instinct and work with what comes your way.

Some people do this by entering a period of quiet work alone, in effect retreating from the world and being with their inquiring self as it silently contemplates.

Alas, many others find themselves temporarily lost, going through one turbulent day after another. These are days in which all sorts of feelings find their way randomly to the surface of consciousness. What was once well understood makes no sense anymore. In this confusion, people seek professional help from the outside world or search for interaction with others who are going through similar experiences.

Whatever route chosen, the journey to reunite with our essence eventually will bring us to a place of self connection.

On this hallowed ground can be found footprints toward life’s deeper truths. And by taking those steps, we find meaning in the outer world, with the people and events around us, and may even sense a bigger picture beyond our rational perception.

Self-healing begins that we can feel in our very core. From here we lift ourselves out of mere limitations and into a truly bigger game.

When we become more self-aligned and truthful, others find us inspirational. In due course people and activities that we are no longer connected with become but memories. Time moves on and people, places and events more attuned to the person we are becoming start to appear in the canvas of life.

The very picture of life itself subtly shifts and transforms as we learn to embrace and reconnect with who we are and always were.


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  1. Vivek Singh June 17, 2010 6:53 am

    very true……. good article…


    this is good,wonderful

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