Your Starting Point’s Wherever You Are

Posted by Jacinta Hin on March 17, 2010

When desire for change arises the question of “where to start?” is usually not far behind.

Here we often procrastinate in the belief that those first steps need to be perfectly aligned with goals, plans and end results.

Of course, a good start is important, but the initial details often don’t matter as much as we think they do. Beginning the journey’s what wins the race in the end.

Further along the road, at some point you’ll want to get a grip on what’s happening by distancing yourself from vague and anxious feelings and looking for ways to make the peaks and troughs of experience worthwhile.

You may find yourself revisiting that initial “where to start” question. Don’t be surprised if these musings have you questioning what it is you’re actually departing from and where you’re heading.

“What got this started?” you ask yourself for the umpteenth time.

Perhaps it was simply a yearning within you for something that touches you in your very essence or the human race as a whole, a sense of emerging truth that shows up as a core value weaving together the threads of your life.

Be prepared to spend some time really digging for your answers as part of a compassionate and reflective questioning period.

Unfortunately too often we regard those essential periods of change as a negative place to be, a temporary crisis we need to get out of so we can return to familiar but limiting ways. We silence the loving voice of our soul from telling us more about this new (and yes scary) phase in our lives.

Getting clear about your starting points helps on many levels – not only does clarity point to where you’re going, it also serves as a foundation from which to act and be, and to which you can always return.

This ‘home station’ broadcasts soulful shelter all the days of your life. Once tuned in, listen closely for inner peace tones so firmly rooted within you they can never be lost. Remember to make this place your starting point and nourishing energy for life’s sometimes weary traveler will always be lovingly available.


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